Repair and maintenance services transfered to IKP Service

The main principles of Iin Konepaja Oy are flexibility, swiftness, quality and the right attitude of our staff. To fulfill these principles even better in the future, we have decided to transfer our repair and maintenance services from Iin Konepaja Oy to IKP Service Oy, which is a subsidiary of Iin Konepaja Oy (100% owned).

The transfer came to inforce from 1st of January 2015 on. The staff of Iin Konepaja Oy repair and maintenance services is going to proceed as old employees. The main idea of this arrangement is to emphasize repair and maintenance services and to serve our customers more flexible and effective.

Contact information of IKP Service Oy:

Jarmo Kärki
p. +358 44 587 5883

Pentti Aula
p. +358 400 681 874